Surveying for Land division and Property Boundaries

Surveying is an important aspect for many engineering as well as legal applications as it involves mapping out the precise topography of land in a particular location. Land division in SA activities require extensive surveying as it is important to ensure that the division of the land is conducted accurately so that all parties are satisfied. Failure to do so can result in one party getting a greater proportion of the land than the other which is extremely unfair. Therefore, an extremely important to ensure that high quality surveying professionals are contacted when carrying out any land division activity so that they have access to the necessary professional knowledge as well as equipment that is required to carry out an accurate survey of a particular piece of land. 

Cadastral surveys are often conducted to mark out the boundaries between different properties and pieces of land and for this reason it is extremely important that professional and experienced cadastral surveyors are contacted so that the authorities can have the Peace of Mind that the survey will be done according to high standards and there will be no mistakes when it comes to the division of land between two areas. These cadastral surveys are often conducted during the initial phases of a new development as this is where land division occurs and this needs to be done in an accurate and professional manner as any mistakes can have costly consequences for all parties involved. 

Surveying in Engineering Projects 

Surveying is often the first step in any major engineering project as it is extremely important to ensure the topography of the site where the project is to be built is mapped out accurately so that the structural systems that will be in place for the construction project can be designed accordingly. Any variation in the geo-morphology of the construction site should be mapped out accurately as failure to do so can result in inaccurate sizing of structural members which can lead to disastrous consequences when it comes to the performance of this structure. Surveying is also important for land division activities especially when considering construction activities as it is important to ensure that the construction is kept within the boundaries of the allocated plot of land. Failure to do so can result in legal repercussions for the client as well as the consulting company as they have not done their due diligence when considering the footprint of the construction project which has resulted in trespassing into someone else’s property. 

Accurate mapping of the topography of a construction site is important to ensure that the designers of a particular building or infrastructure project have access to the required information to provide a design that is structurally sound, as well as being confined to the plot of land in which it is meant to be built in. This is where land division surveys and cadastral surveys play an important role as these surveys provide the basis of mapping out the boundaries of the land that is available for a particular construction project.  

Legal Proceedings for Land division Disputes 

Cadastral surveyors can also play an extremely important role in legal proceedings as accurate depiction of the extent of a particular property are often needed when it comes to cases related to land division disputes. Here, the services of cadastral surveyors can come into play as they are individuals who have the necessary professional knowledge as well as expertise that is required to accurately map out the boundary between a particular land division. This can provide the concrete evidence that is required to settle a dispute between two individuals who are disputing over their land division boundaries. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that the cadastral surveyors have access to the necessary equipment as well as experience that is required to provide a high-quality service for their clients. This is because failure to do so can result in financially as well as legal losses for a particular party. 

All in all, if you require high quality land division surveys or you need cadastral surveyors who have the access to the necessary instruments and expertise that is required to accurately map out the boundaries of the particular plot of land, then Henning and Co should be your first choice. Being licensed surveyors, our clients can have the peace of mind that the survey that we conduct will be done to an extremely high standard and the correct equipment will be used.