How to protect your house with the fence?

Want to secure your home? How fence can help to protect your home and family? Which is the best fence you can install in your home? You might struggle to get the answers to these questions. So, do not fret. Here, we will tell you about the best fence that you can install at your place. 

Well, investing a big amount in your home is the best thing. In this way, you can improve and protect your home. If your home is perfect then you must think of a solution to protect it and your family from any harm. For this purpose, fencing is the best idea. Timber fence is one of the best options but if you do not want the woody touch in your home, then colorbond is also a great option. 

There are vast options for timber fence. I suggest adopting either timber fence or colorbond fence in Sydney because they both look trendy. Moreover, your property value is also increased. Hence, you can use different fencing from the given list. 

1: Hit and miss horizontal timber fencing: 

If you are planning to install the timber fence with a rigid look, then this best option. Hence, the panel is made 1.83m wide and a single board is about 95 x 8 mm or 50 x 12 mm. Well, it allows the air to pass through it. The finishing of this timber fence is in natural Jakcured. Best for the trendy look. 

2: Aran woven timber fence: 

One of my favourite timber fence. The design of this fence is like the basket and looks stunning outside your home. Well, we can say that this timber fence can increase the value of your property. The fence is installed in wavy form with a stick in between. The look of the fence is attractive. 

3: Venetian timber fence: 

If you want to install the timber fence especially for your garden, then this is a perfect choice. The gap in the horizontal panels is designed to let the light in. Hence, it can increase the beauty of your garden. Moreover, the brown colour of the timber fence with green looks attractive.  

If you do not like timber fence, then we have other options for you. Colorbond fence also looks best for your house. The colorbond fence is for a lifetime. Hence, few options are below: 

4: NEETASCREEN colorbond fence: 

The colorbond fence is made from the best steel. The fence is pre-colour and gives an attractive look. Hence, you can install the NEETASCREEN colorbond fence at your home. This is available in different heights like 1500 mm, 1800 mm, and 2100 mm. Hence, it is rustles and the fence is available in different colours. 

5: SMARTASCREEN colorbond fence: 

The great colorbond fence for your home. This fence looks good from both sides. The fence is neighbour-friendly as it gives an attractive touch to your home. This fence is rustles and made from standard steel. Different heights are available in this colorbond fence like 1500 mm, 1800 mm, and 2100 mm. The privacy and security of your home are increased. 

6: MINISCREEN colorbond fence: 

The MINISCREEN colorbond fence is used for the protection of home and family. It is made from standard steel in the distinctive mini-corrugated infill panels. It can be used as the gate and also as the fence. The rustles fence is helpful for security. After this colorbond fence, you are tension-free as this is the best investment for your home. 

7: GATES: 

The colorbond fence can be used as the gates. It is made from hard steel that increases the security of your home. Hence, this colorbond fence is flexible so it can perfectly fit your living standard. Multi-colours are available in this type. So, according to your choice select it and increase the worth of your property. 


In short, colorbond fences are helpful when you want lifetime relief. It gives the trendy look and the security is increased. Moreover, the timber fence cost in Sydney is also a good option as many people like woodwork. Although it is also helpful in security. All things depend on your choice, so you can select any of the above-mentioned fences for your home.