Protein for Vegans and Vegetarians

Have you ever heard the guys by the weight machines conversing about protein shake as their nutritional supplements? The protein shakes they talk about are made by protein powder dissolved in water; the three common types of protein powder include soy, whey, and casein protein. But, there are situations where people do not prefer milk-based or meat-based protein powder. How to address this? The best solution would be to switch to vegan brands that serve their customers the plant protein powder in Australia; this simply means that the protein is extracted from plants like seeds, grains, thick nuts, legumes, rather than using animal products like eggs, dairy, or meat. 

Here’s a fact! Peanut, pea, rice, soy, hemp are some examples of vegan protein powders. However, soy is proven to be the only vegan protein that contains all the nine essential amino acids; all the other kinds lack at least one of the amino acids. 

Best Vegan Protein Powders: 

Plant protein powders are successfully made by food processors attempting to isolate protein from the pants, also rich in fat and carbs. Here are some high-quality vegan protein powders and their nutritional benefits: 

The pea protein powder is made from high-protein yellow split peas. Pea protein is rich in amino acids, namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine. It helps to fuel working muscles, stimulating the body to produce muscle protein; research suggests that muscle gain by pea proteins is equivalent to those of people who consume milk protein. The pumpkin-seed protein powder tends to be relatively high in protein and also supplies a high amount of beneficial plant compounds like zinc, magnesium, and iron. 

Moreover, pumpkin-seed protein also contains in itself the property of being anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. The Sacha Inchi protein powder is made from a star-shaped sacha inchi seed, it is found that sacha inchi protein powder has the same effect on protein synthesis in the body as that of the soy protein powder when used in equal amounts. Not only this but, sacha inchi protein provides amino acids that are used to make nitric oxide, which in turn is responsible for triggering the arteries to expand, enhancing blood flow and reducing blood pressure. 

Weight loss: 

Did you know? The high-protein shakes, which help in building muscle, also increase the body’s natural metabolism; this implies weight loss. Let’s see what options we have in protein shakes for a person who adheres to a complete vegan lifestyle.  The product named ‘All-In-One-Nutritional-Shake’ can be used as a meal replacement with no gluten, soy, cholesterol, or dairy, including nine different vegetables and fruits, and 22 vitamins. The ‘Raw Organic Meal’ product works as an organic shake; it contains organic plant proteins and fibre to keep you full. The probiotics found in this product encourages the multiplication of good gut bacteria. Another product named ‘Nutritional Shake Mix’ is a low-sugar, low-fat, low-sodium protein shake, infused with calcium, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes. The protein powder in this shake is specially processed to remove all traces of fat and lactose from the plants. 

Amazing uses of your Vegan Protein Blend: 

A Vegan Protein Blend is a low-sugar plant-based diet with less than 2g of carbs in each serving. It has a smooth texture and comes with different flavors. There are some creative ways to use this protein powder instead of mixing it with water and consuming it as a shake. You can use this protein powder with some other ingredients to form Triple Chocolate Protein Bars, Chocolate Protein Truffles, Chocolate & Banana Oats, Creamy Protein Ice Lollies, and much more. 


If you are thinking about switching to a vegan diet, here are some benefits of the plant-based lifestyle to help you decide. As a matter of fact, vegan diets are low in saturated fats and cholesterol; therefore, vegan protein powder can benefit a person looking for low cholesterol diets, a healthy heart, and a long-term functioning cardiovascular system. Eating fruits and vegetables is a crucial characteristic to improve digestion. Poor digestion leads to a bloated stomach, fatigue, weak immune system, and other diseases. Plant protein powders can help to improve joint mobility and reduce the effects of arthritis. Overall, switching to vegan protein powder can contribute to the sustainability of human and the environment surrounding them. 

Getting The Right Vape Juice 

People from across the world are getting aware of the growing trend of e-cigarettes. Due to this, millions of people from across the world, are switching from smoking cigarettes to vapes. E-cigarettes are a much safer option. In fact, it is completely safe as no dangerous chemical is used in the vape. At the very most, it contains nicotine, but even that is optional. On the other hand, cigarettes have hundreds of hazardous chemicals as ingredients which, after burning, give off thousands of poisonous chemicals in the smoke.  

Vapes are not only becoming common among the teens. Adults who have been addicted to smoking since an early age, are switching to e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes give the same, or rather better smoking experience without all the dangerous chemicals getting involved. It is made of simple flavors which makes it totally harmless. A common vape consists of an atomiser, a cartridge and a battery, which makes it rechargeable. The cartridge, simultaneously sends the liquid to the heating coil and vapors to the mouth-piece. This happens when you press the power button after turning it on by pressing 4-5 times. Switching on the vapor basically starts the vaporisation process which turns the liquid juice to vapors.   

Vape Juice  

The vapor producing liquid is called vape juice. As mentioned before, vape contains very few basic ingredients so this juice is made of nothing but few flavors, nicotine (if desired) and Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The user gets the choice between the flavor that is to be used, the addition of nicotine and whether they have a likeness for PG or VG. This juice turns to vapors and gives the user the desired experience.
Since there are dangerous chemicals involved, usage of vape gives a perfectly safe experience. The flavors that are used in vape liquid are completely safe as they are the same flavors that are used in every-day food items like snacks or cold-drinks. PG or VG, whichever is used, is completely safe too and it makes up 90% of the vape juice. The remaining 10% is the flavors, water and any nicotine that is added.  

Choosing the right vape-juice 

Since there are many options from choosing between the flavors to the usage of PG or VG, many users get confused about making the right choice. Moreover, there’s also the option of amount of nicotine which determines how strong the vapors will be.  

Starting with the flavors, many users who switched from cigarettes to vapes, choose the flavor that is closest to tobacco. However, there is no tobacco used in the vape. This flavor only gives it a taste of tobacco. But, people who are not a fan of tobacco, go for other options. These options vary from fruit flavourings to the flavors of other food items. Users can either go for the one they like or they can be adventurous and try out new flavors. There’s also the option of getting a blend of flavors. 

As for the nicotine, just like some people prefer strong coffee while other like it with sweetened with milk, there’s a range of nicotine levels that users can choose from. It is usually divided between three levels. Low, medium and high. 5mg and lower are categorised under the low category, 9-16mg under medium and 17-30mg high. Selecting the nicotine level is an important decision so it’s better to choose a lower version at the start and consult a doctor before moving to higher levels. Lastly, comes the PG and VG which will be discussed below. Selecting PG or VG is only a matter of likeness, based on their effects on the overall experience.  

PG vs VG  

Despite the fact that Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerol are the main ingredient of the vapor juice, selecting between them is often confusing for users as they do not know much about the effect of either on the vape. They are responsible for distributing the flavor in the juice. User can choose between having PG or VG or a specific ratio of both.  

PG is relatively thinner than VG. Due to this, PG leaves lesser residue on the atomiser. It is also easier for the atomiser to absorb. Unlike VG, which has a sweet flavor, PG has no flavor on its own. Lastly, PG gives a better throat hit than VG. Keeping in the view these reasons, the user can go for either PG or VG.  

Buying Vape 

Due to absence of harmful effects, vapes are becoming more and more common and this is the reason that they are becoming available in almost every part of the world. Many retail stores and shopping marts carry vapes. If it’s not available nearby, the option to buy vape e liquid online is available. There are many companies that offer customised vape and they’ll deliver in almost every country